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.: our mission

Our mission is to have a team of professionals dedicated to delivering the best service by using value engineering and technical solutions, while never compromising quality proficiency and customer satisfaction. Our corporation deems it necessary in having a firmly structured organization knowing the electrical construction business as well as the construction industry at large. Our dedication to customer service results in numerous relationships that continue to grow beyond the completion of each project.


.: our heritage

A few years ensuing America’s great Stock Market Crash of 1929, Brown and Heim, Inc. was established by Edward Brown and Arthur Heim (est.1933).  These two men had a vision of a company thriving on excellence serving the Baltimore-Washington area.  Our company’s niche back in the 1930’s was specializing in converting DC powered buildings in the Baltimore Metropolitan area into AC power thus setting the cornerstone of our corporation’s beginning.

During the early 1940’s, Brown and Heim ventured into the industrial market.  With the breakout of World War II, the demand for construction in the Bethlehem Steel shipyards was colossal.  Our corporation, during that four year span, expanded its employment base to nine hundred electricians, focusing on the retrofitting of cargo ships with the new power distribution systems.  At the conclusion of this era, Edward Brown and Arthur Heim were ready for retirement and sold their shares of the corporation to J. Harold Cornelius, Charles B. Major, and Baldwin E. Dorsch.

J. Harold Cornelius’s and Charles B. Major’s positive relations with the government’s defense department during the War led to their affirmative relationship with Westinghouse Electronic Systems (later sold to Northrop Grumman in 1996.)  Our firm has continued dependable quality service to the Northrop Grumman Corporation throughout today.

Throughout the years, Brown and Heim’s experience with the Northrop Grumman Corporation has led to new relationships in a variety of markets consisting of commercial, industrial, institutions, and hospitals; while maintaining a sound relationship with government facilities.  In the early 1990’s, James H. Cornelius, Raymond Miller, and Emerson Shiloh took over as the new principals of Brown and Heim Corporation.  Their experience and superior knowledge has helped Brown and Heim to grow into the strong respectable company that exists today.

Brown and Heim averages $20 million a year in revenue with 14 staff members providing estimating, engineering, administrative support, and project management with a well established reputation for quality and superior service.

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